Why teacher must give me 10% ??

That 10% is very important to me...
In this year I have learned to cikgu romizal are many different things, which I have benefited greatly from...
first is some photography tips , second is how to use photoshop ,third is how to open blog and other
Why teacher must give me 10% ..because
I will do my best to complete all the tasks the teacher account, the teacher will not live up to my expectations ... But in the process of doing, I met a lot of setbacks, such as there is no camera, a friend refused to given in some operation...While the twists and turns again and again but I will not give up, I strive to find ways to do our best to solve all problems
I also know that I am not very good work done before but I will work hard to improve....Hope teachers can give me an opportunity to improve...thx


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